Clean, not mean.

We are your local hand car wash. Our motto is ‘clean, not mean’- we know that your car needs the care of real, friendly people who are passionate about making your car Spotless, not a beating from a machine, or a rushed job using bad chemicals and equipment!
We have been in the hand car wash business for over a decade, starting our first car wash in 2007 in the UK, and we’re changing the industry for the better. We’re proud to have grown an excellent reputation based on our clientele who love the quality, care and friendliness of our service. Our customers enjoy visiting us and know their car is in safe hands.

Why Us?

As our mascot Spotless Sully will tell you,
you have to be different to be Spotless, that’s why:

No Appointments

You’re always welcome at Spotless, we don’t require bookings or appointments, unlike our competitors.

Speedy Service

Over a decade of experience and knowledge enables us to clean your car inside and out in less than 30 minutes.

Expert Staff

Our staff are experts - your car is always in safe hands with us, so you can simply sit back and relax, worry free.


We care about your car and your satisfaction - a machine doesn’t!

Top Quality Products

We use the best chemicals and equipment available to ensure you, your car and our staff are happy!

Safety & Compliance

Our compliance, safety and training policies ensure that Spotless Car Wash provides a legal, safe and environmentally friendly service.